Elastic updated its license because of Amazon https://www.elastic.co/blog/why-license-change-AWS

Beyond qubits: the next big step to scale up quantum computing https://www.sydney.edu.au/news-opinion/news/2021/02/02/beyond-qubits-cryogenic-chip-big-step-scale-quantum-computing.html

Scene at MIT: A Black computing pioneer takes his place in technology history https://news.mit.edu/2021/scene-at-mit-computing-pioneer-joe-thompson-technology-history-0203

The Secret History of the First Microprocessor, the F-14, and Me https://www.wired.com/story/secret-history-of-the-first-microprocessor-f-14/

Larger GPU-accelerated brain simulations with procedural connectivity https://www.nature.com/articles/s43588-020-00022-7

Why Is Apple’s M1 Chip So Fast? https://debugger.medium.com/why-is-apples-m1-chip-so-fast-3262b158cba2

Computer Scientist Weekly (2019–0)

A typical memory hierarchy is shown below. In general, the storage devices get slower, cheaper, and larger as we move from higher to lower levels. Also, each higher level holds cache retrieved from its nearest lower level.

Memory Hierarchy

Speaking of cache, there’re two important key words, cache hit and cache miss,…

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